Marketing Automation Untangled
Read this business novel to improve your marketing automation game, with 10 years worth of best-practices, pitfalls, lessons learned, templates, formats, and methodologies.

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Awards & Honors

  • Marketo Champion© 2021

    Named to the world Top50
  • Marketo Champion© 2020

    Named to the world Top50
  • Marketo Champion Alumni © 2019

    Named to the world Top50
  • Marketo Champion© 2016

    Named to the world Top50
  • Marketo Champion© 2015

    Named to the world Top50
  • Killer Content Award 2015

    For the category 'Lead Nurture Strategy'
  • Marketo Champion© 2014

    Named to the world Top50
Diederik Martens

Diederik Martens

Diederik Martens, founder of Chapman Bright, is a results-driven and tech-savvy digital marketer with a passion for B2B and the complex sale.

Diederik is author of the book “Marketing Automation Untangled". And he is a frequently asked speaker and lecturer on marketing operations, marketing automation, lead nurturing, buying journeys, CRM, predictive lead scoring, and all things marketing technology.

Diederik is Marketo Certified Solutions Architect and experienced in Salesforce. Marketo honored Diederik as one of the world’s top 50 by naming him to the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Marketo Champion Elite class. In 2015, Diederik was awarded the international Killer Content Award for his lead nurture campaign strategy at Quintiq.

At Chapman Bright he works on marketing technology projects for companies, such as DHL Express, Essent, BDO, thyssenkrupp, Bial, Rockwool, Deloitte, o9 Solutions, Sungevity, and many more.

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I have known Diederik for well over 10 years. He has always been at the cutting edge of digital marketing which is why I recommend him to teach on our “Digital Sales & Marketing” Elective. He did so with real empathy & enthusiasm for the students learning & brought the real world into the classroom!

Lindsey Reid MBA

Lecturer International Business Studies

Diederik is passionate about helping others become successful with marketing automation. He has a lot of experience with lead management, lead nurturing, and sales alignment in fast-growing (B2B) organizations of all sizes. Diederik has built top grade martech and funnel systems and is well known for unique solutions to challenging business processes.

Josh Hill

Author Marketo Rockstar Guides